System Engineering and Development - Training Courses & Workshops

Wasson Strategics, LLC (WSL) provides a diverse set of instructional training and organizational development strategies for enhancing personnel knowledge and skills in System Engineering and Development WSL 21st Century System Engineering Training Courses and workshops go beyond traditional education and training paradigms to equip participants with the requisite knowledge and skills required to translate SE theory and practice into outcome and - performance - based team actions. Participants learn HOW TO:

  • APPLY System Engineering LIFECYCLE concepts, principles, and practices.

  • DEVELOP success strategies.

  • EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY tailor and implement SE methodologies to achieve performance-based outcomes leading to program success.

  • AVOID repeating the same mistakes from project to project.

  • MINIMIZE costs due to latent defects that lead to rework, redesign, and missed schedules.

  • DELIVER systems, products, and services that meet User operational performance

WSL courses and workshops are delivered on-site or off-site in highly interactive learning environments in which participants apply classroom knowledge to real-world examples and case studies.

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