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Many of Today’s SE Training Paradigms Have been Outdated for Years

They’re high level, philosophical, and reflect outdated, old school, and parochial thinking. Yet, educational institutions and vendors continue to present academic courses and short courses that fail to correct project performance issues resulting from the Engineering education VOID.

Should there be any surprise as to WHY SE&D projects exhibit technical compliance, cost, schedule, and risk performance issues?

Wasson Strategics Understands these Enterprise SE paradigms

We collaborate with our clients before the training to identify these paradigms and establish strategic outcome-based training objectives. Then, equip trainees with the requisite processes, tools, and decision-making methods to perform 21st Century System Engineering and Development (SE&D).


Our clients recoup their ROI by having personnel who are educated and trained to:

  • Understand HOW TO apply SE&D concepts, principles, and practices.

  • Share common multi-discipline problem-solving and solution development methodologies.

  • Focus their energies on the User, system, product, or service; not on internal conflict and ad hoc, endless loop Specify-Design-Build-Test-Fix (SDBTF) Engineering paradigms.

  • Understand how to reduce latent defects that result in less rework, avoid redesign during System Integration & Test, improve capabilities to meet cost and schedule targets, and improve customer satisfaction in terms of meeting their operational needs.

Before You Hire an SE Training Vendor…

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