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The Educational Void

Engineers spend 4 years on average obtaining an Engineering degree that has a “hands-on” shelf-life of 3-10 years. Yet, spend 50% - 75% of their total career hours making SE&D decisions for which they have NO FORMAL EDUCATION! – the Void in Engineering Education!

Due to a lack of true SE&D courses, less than 3% of personnel in a typical Enterprise “Systems Engineering” organization possess the experiential knowledge to competently plan, organize, and orchestrate the concepts, principles, and practices addressed in the 2nd Edition of Charles Wasson’s textbook.

Should there be any surprise as to why SE&D projects exhibit technical compliance, cost, schedule, and risk performance issues?

Wasson Strategics Understands the SE&D Educational Void

We collaborate with our clients to provide strategic workforce solutions for SE&D Education & Training, Organizational Development (OD), and Team Development to fill the Engineering Education Void.


Our clients develop technical decision making teams that:

  • Understand SE concepts, principles, and practices that fill the Void in Engineering Education.

  • Share common SE&D problem-solving and solution-development methods to avoid the ad hoc, endless loop, indecisions that result in rework that consumes and wastes valuable cost and schedule resources.

Before You Invest in SE Short Courses…

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