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Consulting Services

Wasson Strategics offers
Consulting Services…

  • Technical Project Management

  • Organizational Development (OD)

  • Team Development and Facilitation

  • Coaching/Mentoring

We understand the project SE&D challenges…

… in instituting or enhancing Enterprise and project level Systems Engineering & Development (SE&D) capabilities, including the need to shift outdated SE&D paradigms to a new level of 21st Century thinking.

Resolving the SE&D Educational VOID in Engineering education can be daunting; being able to apply, orchestrate, and implement that knowledge via multi-discipline, technical decision making teams is an even greater challenge.

Consulting Solutions to Meet Your Enterprise & Project Needs

To help you plan, orchestrate, and implement an SE&D Program, Wasson Strategics offers a variety of consulting services that include:

  • Technical Project Management – Planning, orchestrating, implementing, and leading multi-discipline SE&D projects or teams.

  • Organizational Development (OD) – How organizations: learn, grow, adapt, and evolve; develop and maintain Engineering Organizational Standard Processes (OSPs) and methods; and train personnel for deployment to technical projects.

  • Team Development and Facilitation – Developing, chartering, and selecting effective, multi-discipline, SE&D teams such as Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), Product Development Teams (PDTs), et al that focus on performance-based outcome decision-making.

  • Coaching/Mentoring – Personnel leading Enterprises, projects, and teams such as Executives, Project Managers (PMs), Functional Managers, Project Engineers, Lead Systems Engineers, et al.