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SE&D Blog Post #2 – August 14, 2017

Topic: SOI Concept and Context within a Value-Added System

“…I like your book very much because every word you wrote is just I recognized in the real world for failure …” I am confused for the concept of SOI, when you illustrate it in (a) value added system, I can’t understand the root meaning of system of interest, when this word become useful could […]

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SE&D Blog Post #1 – May 23, 2016

Topic: Definition of a “System”

“System—An integrated set of interoperable elements or entities, each with specified and bounded capabilities, configured in various combinations that enable specific behaviors to emerge for Command and Control (C2) by Users to achieve performance-based mission outcomes in a prescribed operating environment with a probability of success. Source: Wasson, Charles S. (2016), System Engineering Analysis, Design, […]

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